Off her rocker…

Last July I did something a little crazy.

I decided to live the life I wanted, instead of the one I was working so hard to have. I put my house up for sale by owner and got an offer in a week without having any solid plans of what I was doing or where I was going next. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to write. I had two unfinished short story collections, one first draft of a novel, and a second novel started.

Once a contract was signed and a closing date was on the calendar, I turned in my notice at work. I’d just celebrated twenty six years at Vanderbilt- the last sixteen of those in pediatric cardiology where I worked as a cardiac sonographer. I traded my Ford Escape for a funny looking Ford Transit Van-or as I like to call it, a rolling doghouse-and prepared to hit the road.

But,the universe threw in a couple of detours. In hindsight the detours only added to my story and proved that I’d made the right decision.

Most everyone, except for a few close friends, thought I was off my rocker. But I was off to another adventure called RockARosa Farm in Adams, TN.

I’ll fill you in on my next post.

Until then, get outside and watch a sunrise. There’s magic all around us if we just open our eyes and look.

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